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Holistic Daily Habits and Helpful Inform
Take time to care for the center of you, to care for the center of your family!
A day away in beautiful Calistoga at Solage Spa where you can relax, unwind and be inspired.

Feel free to come as early as 8 am and stay as late as 8 pm to enjoy the bathhouse facilities and the mineral waters.

The first workshop session starts at 11 am, please arrive 30 minutes early to check in at the front desk and set up in the yoga room.  During the lunch break, soak, relax and feel free to stay onsite for lunch at Solbar or a lighter menu at the bathhouse bar (no outside food please). The day will end after our second session around 5:30 pm. You are welcome to stay until 8 pm enjoying the facilities. 

Dress comfortably for ease during the movement portions of the workshop.


Who: Parents

When: Sun TBD 11am-5:30 pm (with a lunch break)

Where: Solage Spa Calistoga

How Much: $150 includes spa access, lunch not included

With:Taylor Ross

 and Jen Newman



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