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Healthy Living Evolution Course ~ All 10 Daily Habits

Bring balance and harmony into your daily living, one small step at a time. Through using the tools of Dinacharya (daily routines from Ayurveda), and modern wisdom of habit change.

Foundational Daily Habits


Earlier lighter Dinner

What you eat the night before and how early will set up your sleep and how you will feel the next day. Want to sleep well and feel more able to handle your day? Start with what you eat and what time. Remember little steps can make big shifts!


Early to Bed

Do you ever catch your second wind? Go to sleep early enough and you may discover you are not a night owl but an early bird! When we go to sleep early we fight disease by creating a stronger immune system. Let's live well and replenish in the night.


Start the Day Right

On your mark, get set, GO! Waking up early and feeling what you are thankful for can already shift your day. Add water and some movement and wah lah ...... a masterpiece of a day is being created just for you!


Breath Body Practices

Move and breathe, shake and wake!  Get your engine rolling.....start of your day and through out your day, give yourself energy boosts that will help you be you!


Revolutionizing Daily Habits Part 1


Eat a Plant Based Diet

What we eat plays a big roll in how we function not only in our bodies but also in our minds, and emotions. Nourish your being deeply.



Self Massage

Connecting the layers of your body to the layers of your being can create a vital connection of love for self as well as improve your immune function and mobility.



Sitting in Silence

When we get quite and listen we can hear what is truely calling out.  Give space to reboot and reconnect and see if things run smoother.


Revolutionizing Daily Habits Part 2 



Healthier Eating Guidelines

Eat when you are hungry ..... new concept I know. Give strength to your digestion by taking breaks between meals. Tune into the sensations and allow yourself to be present. 


Come to Your Senses

Our senses give us connection, enjoyment, and a feeling of vitality. Create longevity by using self-care therapies.


Easeful Living

Practice stepping into and receiving the life you are living. Notice the times when you are reactive and the ripple effects as well as notice the times you are receptive and the ripple effects. 


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