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Handstand to Eka pada koundinyasana II
Evening at Trolley Square

simple things to do to help you sleep when you have caught your second wind but need to sleep..... and you are already in bed.

Connecting with the rhythm of nature in the evening and allowing yourself to slow down and feel your tiredness may allow yourself to rest and sleep better. 

With all of our modern conveniences, bright lights, tv's, smartphones, computers,  etc we can easily change this awareness and connection and overstimulate.

Step outside and see and breath with the night sky, Allow your being to feel this beautiful connection and lean into it.

Kitchari~ a one pot meal... tips and tricks, nourshing and good for the digestion

Free your Identity!! 35 min yoga practice- Find your center and curl with freedom

Basics of Sun salutation and how to connect with breath

A short, 15-minute, gentle yoga practice to support restful sleep.

Tutorial on Ayurvedic Self-Massage

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